Extensive Protection

For Your Vehicle

  Powertrain   Standard
Includes all Powertrain, plus:
  +Labor & Diagnostics   Manual   + Labor & Diagnostics   Hi-Tech Electrical*  
  +Towing Reimbursement   Transmission   + 24/7 Roadside   Fuel pump  
      All internally lubricated parts   Assistance & Towing   Power antenna motor  
  Engine   Case   + Rental Car   Power door lock actuators  
  All internally lubricated parts   Bearings   Reimbursement   & switches  
  Camshaft & bearings   Bushings       Power mirror motors  
  Connecting rods & bearings   Gears & shafts   Air Conditioning   & switches  
  Crankshaft & bearings   Synchronizers   Accumulator   Power seat motors  
  Cylinder block & heads   Synchronizer drums   Compressor   & switches  
  Main bearings   Spacers   Compressor clutch &   Power sunroof motor  
  Distributor shaft   Main drive gear   compressor clutch bearing   Power convertible top motor  
  Exhaust manifold   Main shaft   Condenser   Power window motors  
  Intake manifold   Shift forks   Dryer/receiver   Power window regulators  
  Oil pump, gears &   Overdrive housing   Evaporator   Power window switches  
  pick-up screen           Electronic ignition module  
  Pistons   4WD & All Wheel Drive   Brakes      
  Piston rings & wrist pins   All internally lubricated parts   All internally lubricated parts   Cooling System  
  Timing chain & gears   Transfer case   Master cylinder   Radiator  
  Timing belt   Bearings   Vacuum power assist   Water pump  
  Exhaust valves   Bushings   booster & valve   Thermostat  
  Intake valves   Chains   Hydro booster   Electric radiator fan motor  
  Valve springs & retainers   Gears   Disc brake calipers   Fan & clutch  
  Push rods   Sleeves   Wheel cylinders   Coolant recovery container  
  Rocker arms & shafts   Sprockets   Steel brake lines & hoses      
  Hydraulic & solid lifters           Fluids  
      Drive Axle   ABS Brakes*   Any fluids required as a  
  Seals & Gaskets   All internally lubricated parts   Electronic control processor   result of a covered repair  
  Cylinder head gaskets   Drive axle housing   Pressure modulator valve      
  Intake manifold gaskets   Ring & pinion gears   Isolation dump valve   Suspension  
  All other seals & gaskets as   Spider gears & side gears   Accumulator   Upper & lower control arms  
  a result of a covered repair   Bearings   Wheel speed sensors   Upper & lower ball joints  
      Bushings   Hydraulic pump   Leaf & coil springs (if broken)  
  Transmission   Spacers   Motor assembly   Wheel bearings  
  Automatic   Yokes       Spindles  
  Transmission   Axle shafts   Steering      
  All internally lubricated parts   Driveshafts   Power steering pump   Turbocharger/  
  Case   Carrier bearing   Rack & pinion   Supercharger**  
  Torque converter   Universal joints   Steering gear box   All internally lubricated parts  
  Lock-up converter   Center support bearing       Housing  
  Gears & shafts   CV joints   Electrical System   Waste gate  
  Bearings       Alternator   Vanes  
  Bushings       Electric horn   Shafts & bearings  
  Bands       Front & rear wiper motor      
  Friction & steel clutch plates       Rear defrost switch   Sensor Package**  
  Steel drums       Starter motor   Oxygen sensor (O2)  
  Pump       Starter motor drive assembly   Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor  
  Servo unit       Starter solenoid   Manifold Absolute  
  Valve body & plate       Voltage regulator   Pressure (MAP) sensor